Friday, May 20, 2011

Esky turns 2

Best birthday present...ever:

(Delta is still working on our sewerage system. "The little yellow diggah with one person" stole the morning spotlight; you're welcome, darling girl.)

Another highlight:
The highlight is not the cake; no siree (let's go with "I kept things simple" as opposed to, "When it comes to cake-making, I am simple), but rather Esky's excitement about the "pink and brown cake" (as requested).

Once urged to blow out the candles, Esky's excitement turned to trepidation, and so she sought a friend for support;

The rest of the day was equally delightful. That is, all of it except those parts where I thought too long on how much the cherub has changed and how there isn't enough time in a day to squeeze her as much as I'd like.


Take a trip down memory lane; Visit "Esky turns 1"
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