Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Blessings at 5:00

Five of many blessings:
  1. A slumbering Esky doesn't even stir when Ivy is crying (loudly) about a trapped gas bubble (or other newborn catastrophe), right across the hall.
  2. Not a single reader complained when I missed posting a winner of Friday's Favicon Freebie, this Friday past. If I think about this too long, I could also intrepret this as nobody caring...but let's go with y'all being merciful, eh?
  3. We're still burning wood from The Lighthouse Garden gum tree.
  4. Sesame Street. I often go on about how I'd love to have no TV aerial, and only screen things we've chosen to bring into our home (rentals etc.)...but I'm not the only decision-maker in our household. In spite of my interest in being TV-free, I'm more than happy to flick it on almost daily for some Sesame action right now. Like I've said before, when you have a newborn, you can do whatever you want.
  5. I can breastfeed. So I'm packin''s still a blessing.
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