Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's FINAL Favicon Freebies for a Follower - Winners 52 through 64

This week's favicon freebies go to...

Kelly of The Pretty BeeFionna of You Can Start Panicking Now
Notcha of The Wardrobe
Jasmine of Splatters of Paint
Leesh of Life is a Highway
Tessy of My Long Story Short
Katie of Mummy Adventures
Elizabeth of Lizzy's Letters
Rachel of Wine Makes Mummy Smarter
TBD of Melodic Mockingbirds
Jules of Mama Wears Jandals
Widge of My Guide to Surviving and Enjoying Life's Mundane and
Samantha - even though I have no way of contacting you - not only are you sans email address, there is no profile linked to your comment at all, so that I can track you down like a webhound...I still want you to have one, because you said "Vulcan mindmeld." Awesome. So email me? Please?

So there's the list. Told ya it wouldn't be random selection.

Final frieze to come.
Have a superrrRRrrb weekend!
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