Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Baby Books for Older Siblings

I think I mentioned a while back that I'd checked out library books written for families expecting a baby. I can't find where exactly I made this mention, or I'd be linkin' that sucker up. If you find where, feel free to tell me, I'll rectify this situation immediately.

Back to the book lendage. Overall, I was pretty disappointed.

I wish this book:
(There is also I'm a Big Brother Now)

Had illustrations like this:
(Illustrations from There's Going to be a Baby, John Burningham & Helen Oxenbury. Oh, I know it sounds promising, but for me, the content was a huge let-down - after previewing it, I hid the book because I did not want Esky to ask me to read it to was that off the mark.)

I also found the (super outdated) photos in this little ripper extremely helpful in conjunction with discussing things to come with Esky:
So, talented photographers, care to restage all of the same poses found therein with current models and update this text for me? In time for Ivy to read when we're expecting number 3? That'd be great. If not, that's also okay, because really, Esky and Ivy aren't judging the potato-sack maternity dress-wearing mamas nor the sneakers-and-jeans clad papas.

We were gifted the Mercer Mayer contribution to the subject post-Ivy's arrival - which I'd noted wasn't held by our local library. It's lovely, but again, not the exceptional text I was sure I'd find if I looked hard enough - I mean, haven't people been having younger sibling-babies for a while now? Where is the one book to rule them all?

Oooo, thank you for this recommendation, love it.

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