Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sabbath Amusements XV

  • Today, a young man in Primary gave an excellent talk about the Restoration of our church. He explained our belief that after Christ and His apostles died there was a time of spiritual darkness on the earth, which ended with the Restoration of truth and light. In his words, this time without truth was called "the great apostrophe."
  • During my lesson on this Restoration of ours, I attempted to illustrate that while the appearance or vocabulary relating to particular things in our church may have evolved over time, the things themselves remain unchanged; we still have temples, a prophet, apostles, and missionaries, for example. I further elaborated that missionaries in the primitive church would have worn robes and had long hair and beards, while male missionaries in the latter-days wear suits and are clean-shaven. A young fellow put up his hand and said, "My dad has a beard, but he shaves it," as though he was revealing a dirty secret. I then called on a young ringletty lass who shared, "My daddy shaves too!" Suddenly, an array of hands waved before me. I had to move on...but if only time had allowed. If only.
  • Today Haki, Esky, Ivy and I napped for 3 hours. At the same time. It was incredible. ...shame the nap ended at 6:30pm so that the prospect of Esky going to bed at a reasonable hour was nigh on nothin'. Worth it. (I said, "3 hours!")
P.S. Ivy was blessed today. Yay.
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