Saturday, June 4, 2011

All About Ivy: Almost 8 weeks in

..."8 weeks in" on earth, that is - I'm sure we've known each other much longer.
  • Like her sister, Ivy was alert from day one, and determined to hold her head up and look around before her little neck muscles were ready. Maybe it's something to do with the long bake I gave both girls.
  • For the first few weeks, Ivy was bent on a snacking habit instead of feeding - very different from her sister, who wanted very much to live on the breast.
  • Ivy started smiling and cooing at 6 weeks, and half-way through week 7 she started laughing - first, when I sneezed over her, and then repeatedly thereafter for nibbly kisses on her hands and lobes.
  • I'm glad she likes being nibbled on, because I can't seem to stop.
  • She has a cluster of blocked glands on the side of her nose (which looks like a pea-sized archipelago of bumps) which I will miss should they go away over time, as specialists have said they will.
  • She loves to watch her sister.
  • Ivy is content and long as she doesn't have a burp that wants to get out.
  • She loves the shower, and tips her head back into the water, blissed out.
  • Of everyone in my little world, thus far, she reminds me most of my sister, Mariah.
  • I love. love. love her sleeping on my chest.
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