Monday, June 20, 2011

Eight Great Buys at 8:00

  1. What's with Countdown selling a 48-pack of infant Select nappies for $4.98 a pack? I'll take two, thanks. What's that, I just paid less than 10 bucks for nigh on 100 dirty bums? Inconceivable! (Cf. a "sale price" for a premium 16-pack for $10.00 - ridiculous, no?)
  2. I forked out a greenbacked queenie for a new water bottle. This is not my usual style...however, I was lured in by the bottle's aesthetic, Bobble's marketing - in particular - the promise of better tasting water (we're on tank water...and its flavour varies with the seasons). This purchase turned out to be a great investment; I'm drinking at least four bottles a day. High time too - I had not been drinking enough. (Not sure what these are? Basically: earth-friendly, reusable bottles with built-in water filters. I chose the light blue model, thanks for asking.)
  3. Esky and I both ordered "fluffies" from a cafe in Dunedin's only real mall. The barista who served us had to ask her manager what to charge, suggesting a cup of warm milk froth wasn't ordered often over her counter...I was consequently wary of what price might be invented. I needn't have been; 80 cents a cup, with chocolate powder sprinkled on top, and two marshmallows a-piece! Good job, Gloria Jean's, I'll be back again to nurse my babe in the corner whilst enjoying the same treat my elder daughter is lapping up. Read my full praises-be review of this positive consumer experince here.
  4. I picked up this pair of magnetic mini-grinders from K-mart (here they are, stuck to my fridge). Not only were they a fair price...they look like bunnies. Win.
  5. Also from K-mart - our new easy-clean placemats you will have seen parading in the backdrop of many-a-photo on this 'ere blog (e.g. behind the cornbread loaf). For $1 each, I'm mighty happy with the change from our fiddley, intricate, lots-of-places-for-stray-food-to-hide old placements these spotty numbers are replacing. (P.S. Esky's sitting with us at the table now!)
  6. I was pleasantly surprised to discover Pam's Choca is not awful, like Milo's other knock-offs (Bournvita, anyone? /Gag) - in fact, I rate it as almost as good. For near half the price, I'll be buying this malt drink instead.
  7. I owe, in large part, my enthusiasm for donning pre-maternity clothing to the purchase of a new maternity bra. I wasn't going to go there, but I've see, I've ordered a second one, I'm so thrilled with the first. What a difference good support makes! I was previously paying $80 a pop for the quality my particular...ah..."assets"...require, but found this La Leche League offering not only does as swell a job, but is more comfortable and better priced. Best price I can find online for this mini-makeover is with Belly Beyond - which meant I didn't even have to find a carpark, lug in children and accessories, navigate through lingerie racks, and swipe a card! Mailbox delivery for this particular purchase = glorious.
  8. Did anyone else pick up a queen size fleece blanket from The Warehouse for $10? I got three. Holy moly, they're awesome.
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