Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Esky turns child

Some things I'd like to remember about the last few months:
  • One morning, Esky arranged her friends in the yellow doughnut-cushion, complete with the colourful quilt spread over them. She then slid in beside the dolls, curled up horizontally and explained, "I'm going to sleep now." I said, "Okay, have a nice nap." Then she sat up abruptly and said, "Oh no, I need my phone!" After retrieving it, she resumed the same position, only now held her phone and pressed buttons, looking at it very seriously. Somehow I doubt her little beep-and-flash toy has quite as many app's as the device she's observed someone else taking to bed with them. Monkey see...
  • One Sunday, after church and Sunday school classes were over, Esky was helping me tidy the Primary room. Haki drew my attention to her, over at the bin, placing a piece of rubbish through its swinging flap lid - she was also pressing an invisible pedal at the bin's base with her tiny toes...just as she would with our step-to-open trash can in the kitchen...which, for the record, she presses when putting waste inside at home...but she also lifts the lid, making the pedal redundant. ...monkey do.
  • She loves audio books, especially Nursery Rhyme audio books.
  • She has known the alphabet for months, but she now recognises almost all of the characters - upper and lower case. She can identify the numbers 1-12 easily, and has started writing the numbers 6 and 7 as a hobby. Her sixes are backwards. We'll keep her anyway.
  • Esky is truly singing the melody now, and knows the words to more songs that we can keep count of.
  • After accidentally sending her snack plate careening off of her high chair tray two months ago, I stooped to pick up the mess. She stroked my hair and said, "Oh, thank you for cleaning up the plate I dropped." I looked up at her in amazement. Where did my little girl go?
  • Similarly, she often says, "Thank you for waiting patiently," to me after she has gone to get/do something for me, such as fetching a tissue for Ivy. Cute mimic.
  • She has started nursing and burping Lily, as well as giving her what she calls, "tummy tummy time" (quoting her Papa's chant).
  • Until a few weeks ago*, she was routinely reporting to us what she saw when she pulled the curtains each morning, "Oh, wow - lots of condensation!" or "Oh, there is only a little bit of condensation." *Since there are fewer humans sleeping here...there's less condensation. It never ceases to amuse me, hearing our toddler use the correct words for things, and so I keep feeding them to her.
  • She's started waking with nightmares. A lot.
  • Her speech continues to amaze me. Three weeks ago, we were playing catch with a balloon in her room, and she abruptly stopped, then explained, "I want a blanket for Lily to lay down and go to sleep on the table while I throw the balloon up in the sky." That is when I realised my daughter talks...not tries to talk. Again, today, when I banged my knee on the corner of her bed in her room, she came running in to find me rubbing it and repeating, "Ow," and said, "What happened, Mama?" I looked at her, and realised all over again how much older she suddenly is.
  • After family prayer each night, I invite Esky to offer her own prayer...she routinely thanks Heavenly Father for "Smesmee Street" and Lily.
  • My dad gets a big kick out of hearing and seeing her proclaim, "Tadah!" upon entering a room. I think I've done that all of...twice, maybe? She's latched on and has performed the same ever since. I did it to illustrate how quickly I would return, I believe, saying, "I'll be right back, you'll see, I won't be gone long at all"...and then, "Tadah!" when I proved the promise true. Esky uses it willy nilly.
  • Esky's established a distinct preference for George's company in the day, and Lily's during the night; personally, I think it's because Lily's the better snuggler.
  • Two weeks ago, we stopped into a local (smaller) department store Esky recognised as a franchise of a well-known chain. Expecting to find everything as it was in the larger store, she immediately set about finding a Tickle-me-Elmo. She walked up and down the aisles calling, "Elmo, where are you?!" Keep in mind, folks, that in her little kiwi accent, this sounded like, "M.O., whea ah yo?" I giggled and giggled. Alas, he was of little help. (The mechanical red fella is one of her favourite toys to swing by, play with, and walk away from - I encourage shelf-play. Esky thinks that's what you do in such places, and doesn't yet comprehend there even is an option of taking such things home with you. Good news, because Elmo is 150 bucks.)
  • We've commenced preliminary toilet training - looking at pictures of children on the toilet (yup), talking about it, purchasing knickers together, sitting on the can with the lid down and feet on a step stool, putting her "friends" on a mini-potty, and pulling her own pants down and up when she is changed. I think it's been long enough since Ivy's arrival that we can safely proceed (she has been telling me when she's going for at least 6 months)...but it is so darn cold!
  • She continues to nurture almost anything she can get her hands on. Playing with playdough even - she presses out animals with a cutter...then makes blankets to pull up over them.
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