Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello, Good-bye

This is one for the ladies.

Hello, crate of once-too-small clothes from the basement,
I missed you.
I'm no longer rotating three favourite pregnancy outfits (that's what it felt like, I'm telling you), and can step out in some non-maternity wear.

But....good-bye li'l caboose, I'll miss you; during my pregnancies I finally get some junk in my trunk. Alas, it is for but a short season, and I'm back to the vanishing butt, lollipop frame. /sigh
It was nice while it lasted.

P.S. I know, I've had it easy reclaiming some of my former wardrobe items - I'm blessed with a pretty compact full ute, and then mighty milk that drains away my excess pretty quickly (I pack those pounds on my babies, quick-smart - have you seen their cheeks?!) However, I now must attend to the fact that after a single flight of stairs, I sound like I've ascended 100. /gasping, clutching throat. Jeepers.
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