Friday, June 3, 2011

Picture Book Round-up: Potato People and I-Spy

Thank you for your recommendations on my last post of this flavour! I've only managed to lend one of the books you spoke so highly of thus far - know, I wrote them all down in my diary - but what a winner! Oh boy. Esky doesn't quite get it yet (or maybe it's not just her type of story - too ladylike, HA!), so I won't be including in this post...but it's hilarious, and well-worth a look for maybe a...3-year-old or older?

The Potato People, Pamela Allen
This book is the reason I had to follow-up on the last book club post - I couldn't believe I left it off the list! Esky is crazy about it, and I am rather fond of its refreshing and real story. What a bonus that I picked it up at an op shop without knowing the treasure I'd taken home? Love.

Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella, Pamela Allen
Because Pamela Allen had gone down such a treat, I flicked through some of her other titles during our last library visit. This (and her alphabet book) came home with us. These books have shiny stickers on them for a reason; stellar.
The I Spy Books, Walter Wick (sorry, the photographs are what I want to credit)
I am always checking the "W" section in the children's area of the library since we first brought home one of these entertainers. I love sitting next to Esky and challenging her to find things, and, without pointing, giving her clues if she gets stuck; "It's below the white teddy bear." I rarely use the puzzles written in the book, but prefer to highlight things we've seen together recently, in our lives...or on another page; "Can you find a shuttle cock on this page too? On this page it is blue!" Another plus, is that Esky loves to pour over their pages on her own as well!
And...if I've read the book enough times, I can give her things to look for, from memory, while I'm stirring dinner, metres away. I love to try to memorise each image when we read them side by side, tucking away items to name later. These books can be different every read, and still encourage language development if you're willing/able to be involved. I'm looking forward to asking her to give me things to find next time we read one! As if there weren't enough "ands" in these paragraphs...AND another positive is that you can just do a single photograph in a sitting - you don't need to finish an entire story - great for small windows in the day when you want to give some proper attention. Okay, another "and": And they're great for a number two while nursing, because you can sit alongside your toddler and talk about a two-page spread for quite a while, but keep your hands...doin' what they're doin'.

Any more recommendations for us?
Or have you tried any of the titles I've shared? What did you think?

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