Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project Progress...yusssss

Arrr, me hearties! Two days past, I saw to the end of a string of promised designs, all of which I wanted to complete (don't feel bad, clientele), but oh, how I wanted them complete.

I am one of those people that feels like every commitment I've made - large or small - is translated into a physical burden placed upon my back. Please note: the burden is organic or living, because it grows with time; the longer it has been since I agreed to the work, the heavier the weight of the promise. Best scenario: achieve the task within 24 hours so there is minimal weight gain. Worst scenario: for one reason or many (e.g. pushing a baby out, lacking information/images from the source-person, limiting my computer time to when my toddler is sleeping etceteraaaaaaaaaa), have the job written on a "to do" list for months i.e. it grows into a hippo's tumour.

So here are three of my recent projects. And the recipients are oh-so-deserving - so feel free to click on through to help with a blog-warming for their new online digs.

I love that each of these individuals is so different...and so are the styles of each blog; with visual pop and whimsy for the first, crisp and delicious minimalism for the next, and theme-based tongue in cheek for the last. I'm also pretty chuffed that I had a hand in the new blog titles for the second and third.

This must sound like I'm advertising my services. I'm not. Actually, quite the opposite; I'm hoping this little show and tell will help me advertise the fact I'm closing shop...because currently, I'm finding potty training my toddler, enjoying my toddler, nursing my infant, baby gazing, the basic running of a household, being Primary president, and maintaining my other relationships is enough back-weight for the moment. It's the good back-weight...the weight I luuuuurve.

So I'm sorry if you're thinking, "Hey - you never designed me a header. I deserve a design."
You're probably right.\
...but there are more deserving people than there are hours in a day...and I ain't no Quasimodo.

P.S. I'll be sure to keep you posted on if/when my "shop" reopens.
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