Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sabbath Amusements XVI

  • Today, while teaching the children at church, I introduced an object lesson by saying I needed someone strong to assist me. The ever-rambuctious Roo saw his sister's arm shoot up and contested her eligibility by crying out, "Girls aren't strong!" I swiftly turned in his direction and responded, "I'll see you after class, young man; I'm a girl, we will arm wrestle, and I'll give you a good whipping." Roo showed up after class, prodded by fellow classmate, Kennedy (who was eager to see his chum be schooled). I let the poor kid use two hands, and after he was defeated five times he left the room, melodramatically hanging his head. I called after him, "You come back whenever you need reminded, alright buddy?" He's 9. And yes, I still strutted after I won.
  • This evening, we attended Roo's younger brother, Moo's, baptism. It was beautiful. It was also the first time Esky was old enough to appreciate the scene unfolding in front of her. We talked about what we were to witness en route, and eager Esky chattered away in anticipation of seeing "baptism in the water!" After the ordinance was performed, Esky spun on Haki's lap to face her parents and explained, "The big person helped the little person in the water be baptised...and he's all wet...and muddy." I frowned at her final word selection with exaggeration, and watched as she rubbed both hands on her chest to illustrate how Moo's freshly-immersed clothing had clung to his chest. I corrected her, "Not muddy, just wet - he's all clean now!" She nodded with pursed lips, in acceptance, "Yes, the little person is weeeeet!" Love. that. girl.
  • After the baptism, we came home to devour some chocolate mousse I'd whipped up before we left. I'd spooned the mixture into individual glass dishes, and Haki naturally slid his dish across the table in exchange for mine , as is custom (he presumes I've placed the largest serving where I am about to sit). We then proceeded to eat together - Esky commenting on her star sprinkles and the quality of the dessert as we did so. Haki cued Esky, "Did you say 'thank you' to Mama for the dessert?" Esky paid her dues. I then looked at Haki expectantly; "Does that count as your thank you too?" Haki ate in silence, with a smirk hiding behind a straight mouth. I reached across the table and scooped out some of his serving. Haki relented, "No, that does," acknowleding my taxation. I saw Esky's eyes light up. Rookie mistake; what had I created? And so the stretching and scooping attempts from all fronts commenced. My favourite part: When Haki, laughing at himself, said, "It took me three times to learn to shield my own bowl when going for yours." That's right, I specialise in counter-attacks - his spoon kept on returning empty. Also - how many times did he fall for the, "Okay, I'll put it back," face, only for me to snifle more of his pud'? Foolishness.
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