Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Transformation

  • You read right - after lunch. People keep laughing like I'm kidding when I say I spend most of my time in my pyjamas. Could I make the not-kiddingness of this any clearer?
  • Not just any pyjamas - giant merino beanie and stripey long johns, pyjamas.
  • Take note of the things that did not change with my outfit; the side ponytail, the black cardy, and Esky's love for me. My underwear did, however - just thought I'd put out any bushfires before they started.
  • Esky was dressed much earlier in the day.
  • You can't tell from the photos, but I'm totally sporting a mustard gypsey tee. It's for you and you.
  • Yup, that profile shot is to show off my jeans. My $4 jeans. The jeans I got for $4 because the zipper was broken...and so I paid a seamstress $5 to super-sew the fly shut (I guess that makes them $9 jeans)...because I don't have a butt and so it makes no difference to me whether the fly works or not. Guess there are perks to lacking the trunk junk. Yes, I got someone else to do my sewing...jeans are thick. Also, I am a bobbin-jammer, not a sewer.
  • In the 5 minutes it took to shed my homely homeclothes and groom a little, I also got to enjoy watching Esky play with a pair of headphones like it was a stethoscope, and...
  • ...after I emerged from my metaphorical cacoon, Esky sighed and said, "Oh, Mama, you look beauuuutifull!" I'm pretty sure she doesn't care what I'm wearing, but she has learned that after one gets dressed this is what is said...heart-melting.
  • You like that, "I'm leaning in to hit 'burst' on photo booth" shot? I thought you might.
  • Yes, I appreciate that another thing that is consistent between both the "before" and "after" series is the fact that I am completely upstaged by my 2-year-old; AAAAAAH she's cute!
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