Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After-jab Op Shop

Ivy was deemed well enough to have her 3-month immunisation this week (deferred from its original date due to the bug in our household).

Between potty training and illness, we haven't been out much lately. I don't mind. But it does mean some of my errands are stacking up; a bag of pre-loved clothing I have been meaning to donate has been sitting in the car for weeks, for example. Along with a pair of my pants missing their top catch, which I've been hoping to find a replacement piece for from another pair of pants in a second-hand store.

After our visit to the doctor's office and nurses, I noticed the bags at Esky's feet as I belted her in. Ivy was having an after-jab nap already.

I decided if I was quick, it wouldn't be so bad.

Esky wasn't coughing, and the selected Sallies looked fairly empty.

In the 20-metre walk from the store-front to the donations sorting room, out back, I filled my arms /hanging head;

Game ($2.00):

...and, for $2.00, the felt hat I'm sporting in our photobooth games later than day (made in Italy even - the hat, not me, nor the photobooth games);
And after donating my bag of clothing I had free hand-space, so on the way back I grabbed some bull clips, a mini-stapler and leather binder-thingee for Haki, and a pair of 4/5th shorts.

Oh yeah, and the pants with the replacement part I went in for.

Thank you for being so chipper, Esky, in spite of being exhausted. Forgive me?

  • Esky has a knack for finding some form of Elmo and Grover in any store - in the supermarket, a department store, a book store - she just finds them. This in-and-out was no exception.
  • Ivy already weighs a whopping 7kg. I should have used the buggy or Moby instead of carrying her in the carseat during this speed shop. /rubbing arm that lugged her.
  • My dad affixed the replacement part to my pants. I watched and pretended I was helping. In my defence, my eyes were somewhat glazed over after 3 hours of Esky crying on and off.
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