Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bobble Giveaway

Remember how I was telling you I'm diggin' my new Bobble bottle?

Well, I told Bobble too (just like I told Mocka). Only this time, I'm not only gushing and announcing how my gushing has paid off for me, I'm gushing and announcing how it's paying off for you!

I have 6 Bobble bottles to give away!
Thanks, Bobble!

Want one?
To enter: Leave a comment telling me a) how many bottles of water you will drink a day if I send you a Bobble bottle, and b) your email address.
  • I will consider sending more than one bottle to a single family (say, you want one for you and a gym buddy / you want one for you and your child to do a water-drinking challenge) - submit your case.
  • Giveaway closes midnight Friday 15 July (New Zealand time - check the SK sidebar clock).
  • Winners will be announced Saturday 16 July.
  • Open internationally.

Keep watching Striking Keys, another preferred product giveaway is coming soon.


(Not sure what a Bobble bottle is? Basically: earth-friendly, reusable bottles with built-in water filters.)
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