Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bra Giveaway

I just typed a post title with the word "bra" in it. Who knew this day would come?

I promised another preferred product giveaway, and here 'tis!
(Please note: I cannot be bought - these giveaways are products I said I liked first, gave away second.)

In the same Eight Great Buys at 8:00 post wherein I shared the Bobble bottle, I professed my love for the La Leche Sports Nursing Bra. I purchased two of these snug wonders online through Belly Beyond, and in addition to liking the amount of "oomph" I get from its design, I was very fond of a) skipping a trip to a lingerie department with two in tow, and b) paying what I usually pay for this level of support (that would be twice as much).

Win the La Leche Sports Nursing Bra* for you or a friend!
(don't worry, you won't even have to know your friend's size - a promotional code will be supplied to allow the winner to order directly from the Belly Beyond site)

To enter: Leave a comment telling me a) one other product you think would make a splendid gift from Belly Beyond and b) your email address.
  • If you don't do both (a) and (b), I reserve the right to exclude you from the draw.
  • Winners will be selected by
  • Giveaway closes midday Saturday 16 July (New Zealand time - check the SK sidebar clock).
  • Winners will be announced the same day.
  • Open internationally!
See something you like? Belly Beyond currently has a sale on a large number of HOTmilk, Cake and Womama items - including the birthwrap I reviewed over the past 9 months. If you or a friend is expecting, it really is a good time to grab yourself a twofer (sale ends Sunday). Be sure to mention Striking Keys at the check-out! (You can pay by bank account transfer at this site too, not only by credit card!)

You can also subscribe to the newsletter while you're there to be notified of future opportunities to save your bucks and time by ordering online - be sure to mention Striking Keys when you do!


Link*This bra is available in a range of sizes (see size chart) and in grey and white. It is also the winner of the IParenting Award.
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