Sunday, July 3, 2011

Copy-cattin' a.k.a. "Name that Baby!"

Wanna play?
Ready to lock in those answers?
Be careful now, I played with the images a little
...Ivy's birthmark had to go
...along with some lighting and things.

(see the first comment for the answers)

Perhaps they do look more similar than I acknowledge - once their hair is taken out of the equation. But still, when I look at these, the answers are so clear to me. Are they to you?

What about comparing with the hair...
(Esky's always on the left in these, Ivy = Right)

So many differences!
  • Esky has two pairs of dimples.
  • Esky's nose is wider.
  • Esky has a pointier, more prominent chin.
  • Ivy's head (and forehead, in particular), is narrower...(who can tell when it comes down to those cheeks?)
  • Ivy's lips are finer.
  • Ivy's eyebrows are lighter.
In addition to both being scrumptious, there's a special look they've got in common;
...Papa brings it out in them.
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