Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Courting and Compliments

After our first date, Haki and I next saw each other at his mother's house - she often acted as a surrogate mother to large groups of University students, inviting them over for mighty meals after church. As I was leaving, Haki caught me on the front porch and slipped a tiny note into the pocket of my loose and long, hooded, toggle-button cardigan (I remember it well).

When I returned to my flat, I giggled with my dearest friends for a long time about the chosen adjective; "dashing." It's been an inside joke ever since (and thus why an allusion to the compliment featured in Mama & Papa: A Love Story).

After we were engaged, Haki then told me (by the wharf one night), "Except for Mary - who had to be pretty beautiful to be the mother of the Saviour, and for Him to be perfect - except for her, I think you are the most beautiful woman to have ever lived."

Don't get me wrong - many girls dream of finding their own "match" - someone whose unique perception and fancy sincerely lends them a predisposition to liking the way she looks. But slinging around superlatives? And the word "ever"? REALLY?!

Coupling this mis-pitch of a line with his odd choice of masculine descriptors, I suddenly became aware I'd found a man who was girl-clueless. And I think after the compliment was proffered, I laughed. I think I said then, "You can't say that. That's ridiculous. No girl is so stupid or conceited to actually think they are the most beautiful girl in the world - or to expect her fiancé to think that."

The thing is, he does think that; present tense.

And while I will never agree or believe it is true (or that I'm even the most beautiful in a room...well, unless it's just me and a bonafide warty witch - y'know, a green one), he has succeeded in convincing me he believes it.

But utterly romantic.
I'm grateful I found someone so delusional. My kind of delusional.

Honey, I love you, and your blinkers.
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