Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eight Bloggy Bits at 8:00

  1. No one told me I had the typo "gys-pey" in my "Saturday Afternoon Transformation" post. You're slipping, people. That, or you're kindly ignoring the results of my current sleep-deprived which case, thank you.
  2. Linkies stress me out. I mean, they're clever, for sure, but there are also more good causes afoot than I can peddle or participate in...and picking and choosing feels icky - like I'm back in high school captaining a team and pointing at an awaiting pool of players again.
  3. I read a post this week that led me to making a personal commitment to never complain about my hiders again.
  4. And another post about how blogging does something for many stay-at-home mothers that many SAHM's of the past craved. It's a great post.
  5. Did you see Mika's link to free fonts over at Juggling Motherhood?
  6. This is my 740th post on SK.
  7. Giveaways seem like a really great idea until you realise everyone can't win. Reading all of your comments makes me want to buy the balance of not-winners a bottle. Argh!
  8. This is the third time I have left one of my points off of an "Eight at 8:00" and had to come back and add one after being told by readers. What's with that?! Once would grate on me, but thrice?! Can I blame lack of sleep...again? Because it still holds true. Get well soon, Ivy!
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