Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Five Apologies at 5:00

  1. Please forgive me for the atrocious post quality of this morning. There were at least seven typos/errors therein - ranging from split infinitives to mistakes I'd routinely sting my students for making (the Falcon spun 360 degrees at least three times - a full revolution - what was I typing!?)! That is what I get for drafting my post late at night after a long day, and then publishing it the next day, without a thorough proofread.
  2. I'm sorry some of you are finding the new built-in favicon tool doesn't work for you! Perhaps I promoted it too soon? I'm sure kinks will be ironed out soon.
  3. I also feel I should apologise for a twinge of pride that my services therefore (due to 2) have some value.
  4. I'm sorry I don't have more Bobble bottles. Really sorry. (For those who did win, all but the international should have their bottles by now.)
  5. ...and I still feel sheepish about all of the times I've listed seven items for an "Eight at 8:00" post. I triple-checked I hit five on this.
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