Friday, July 8, 2011

Ivy Chubs Up

Ivy is...
  • ...wearing flesh bracelets. She also has jowls. And she has forearm folds. These all make faux-nibbling all the more irresistable.
  • ...still sucking her hand. Within hours of being without the womb's walls, this girl set about sucking half her fist or sometimes her inner wrist. Evidence this was not a new hobby was present in the form of a blistery little pink patch on the inside of her arm.
  • ...highly proficient in art of the "Hello Happy-arms." Upon being greeted, she waves up a frenzy with those limbs.
  • ...easier and easier to keep happy, every passing week. I think at about 9 or 10 weeks I started feeling more human and awake, thanks to her improved distance vision and maturing digestive system. "Easy. Really?" Yes - she slept through major portions of a 30th birthday party at a restaurant with terrible acoustics, and was happier than Larry in a booth at Bennu (thanks, GrabOne, for making that dinner affordable for our little family!) I am blessed to have take-outable babies!
  • ...presently sick and snuffly.
  • ...laughing more and more. Her first hearty chortle came while spinning tops in Esky's room.
  • ...smiling like a carny clown, more often than not - one of those ones whose head turns from side to side while you attempt to propel missiles down his throat.
  • ...still so easily startled. Sneezes, tummy rumbles, doors closing - you name it - they all still cause her to start.
  • ...funny at night. She's been known to find a latch in places milk doesn't come other parts of the same the point of giving me a hickey. (Esky never did that - she tended to fish around with a lolling tongue.)
  • ...making beautiful sounds - most often a pouty, "Oooooo," (for considerable stretches of time...but she usually stops when a camera approaching and looks at that instead). Here's a short snatch of the sweetness:

P.S. I threw in those infant sneezes and that toddler laughter as a bonus.
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