Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lily in the Buff

The sickness remains.

Fortunately, Ivy's doing much better...
...but Esky's been having fever dreams. Waking-every-10-minutes-terrified-and-not-understanding-what-is-real-and-what-is-imagined, fever dreams.

We're all feeling it.

Even Lily;
...whose dress is currently drying after a good soak-out-the-spew-smell soak.

  • Ivy has slept through the screams.
  • Esky is extra-cuddly.
  • We have been baking in the mornings - before Esky crashes. Although she's lacking an appetite, it's a welcome distraction for a time.
  • I get to be home with my girls.
  • I'm not sick - even with broken sleep.
  • Haki came home for the weekend.
  • My dad is here again, and does the dishes before he goes to work each morning.
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