Monday, July 11, 2011


Esky's movin' on up!

Farewell, traditional swinging tray highchair, hello sitting at the table with the rest of the clan! After shopping around for boosters online, I settled upon a classier and sturdier alternative - with better longevity to boot!

Behold, the Mocka Soho!

What makes it Mockanificent:
  • It will grow with Esky (the seat and footrest have multiple heights).
  • Esky can get up and down by herself - whereas many boosters would've required the rigmarole of lifting and/or strapping still.
  • The price; I was looking at boosters in the ballpark of $100. Getting an uber-stylish, pull-up-to-the-table wooden high chair for $99.95 from a Christchurch family business instead? No-brainer. (Woah - lots of hyphens, sorry!)
  • It's so much easier easy to clean than the padded, PVC-covered highchair I was accustomed to more little creases lined with crumbs and mystery goop.
  • Assembly was lemon squeezy easy (there are picturrrres).
  • The Mocka website allows you to pay via internet banking - you don't have to use a credit card!
  • Delivery was free! (and I live rurally even!)
  • I only have to wipe one surface after meal-times.
The only thing I didn't like about the situation:
  • Not having two of them! Ivy will be on solids in 3 short months, and once you go Mocka, there's no going back.
So I asked Mocka if they would give me another, because I sincerely wanted to sing their praises in return...

...and they said "yes!"
(can you believe it!?)

Now that's good business.

Go Mocka! You make rad stuff;
There's a sale on balance bikes right now, I couldn't help but notice, putting that covet-collage together.
We ended up buying one for Esky as a result
(Christmas = done).

Yes, our tax credit for charitable donations came in, can you tell?

P.S. This review was 100% on my terms. If I am asked to review something, I am always truthful about the product or service. If I ask to review something (as is the case here), it is because I already know it's stupendous and feel compelled to tell you so.
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