Monday, July 4, 2011

One of those mornings a.k.a. A Monday Novella

For us, Monday is pay-day.
Mondays is also the day I do the grocery shopping.

I'm not quite ready to hit the aisles with Esky. We're still having a lot of "accidents," and I'm not interested in going backwards (by putting a nappy on her and telling her to "just go,") in order to get the shopping done. She can't make a dash yet. Not at all.

And so this morning, I got up, got ready, saw to Esky and Ivy being dressed, dry, fueled and engaged (one with playdough, the latter in dreaming), and confirmed with Haki he was ready to be semi-on-duty (he had an hour's work to do from home, before going in to continue working). Ivy had at least an hour's sleep left, and Esky is glued to the chair when playdough's on offer, so we figured he could still make headway. The shopping needed to happen before he flew out of town again OR I would be taking Esky half-trained with an infant along for kicks. Make that eighth-trained.

Last thing to do before leaving - transfer the $90.00 saved in the "Car Account," over to our main account so that I could also pick up our new car registration while out. (Yes, we have separate accounts for lots of things, including car expenses - $30.00 per week automatically transfers into the car savings, so that when registration, servicing, warrant and repair costs are due, there's something built-up to help bolster the budget that week.)

That was when I noticed our main account was empty. I looked at the sleeping babe, the happy toddler and the working husband, and momentarily wasn't sure what to do.

I decided to adapt - I could still make use of the small window available and pick up groceries, I would just have to keep the bill under $90.00. The car registration could wait, or I would do it online when we did get paid (oh, the joys of working for a small company).

Esky realised I was leaving, and where to, and wanted to come with. This was no surprise. I wanted her there, and badly - man, I love her company!

I promised her a surprise if she would wait for me to return.

I left.

Half-way to the supermarket, I was sure I'd forgotten something (sans kids I often feel this way). I glanced to the passenger seat and noted I had my diary (list-holder)...but no wallet. Gar - I usually add that to the nappy bag - which I hadn't required, so hadn't taken. I also realised I'd left my reusable bags at home. Funny how not having the two girls with me messed up my flow - instead of making life easier? I think so.

I pulled over and double-checked the wallet hadn't fallen off the seat - I was sure I'd grabbed it. Nope, no wallet. Then I saw Haki had left his wallet in the car. Aha - I would just use his! ...and use the in-store plastic bags for this shop - I decided sparing the petrol I'd use to retrieve both was more important. Remember this for later.

I got to the supermarket (lamenting my ineligibility for the wider, closer "parent" parks for only a moment), and dashed inside.

I kept track of my spending (in my diary, of course), and finished the shopping in 30 minutes flat, ringing up a $90.00 bill. Rockin'.

Then I opened Haki's wallet and noted a number of his cards were missing. Oh, that's right...he got an iPhone wallet and transferred the essential stuff out.

I explained the situation to the check-out operator...and then her manager. My trolley was wheeled away and I was told I must be quick. I drove back out to our country home.

I realised I was returning without a surprise, and found a half-full bottle of Sprite in the car and decided it would have to do (we don't often give the girl sugar-drink.)

Then I explained the situation to my husband...and then my talking daughter, and we all got in the car to drop Haki off at work and dash back into the store to pay the suspended sum. Haki drives if he's with us.

I realised half-way there, I forgot my keys. Haki said he could just pull the car key off of his keyring when he got out at work (as he would need his work keys).

Esky was needing a toilet stop and for some reason was carried up to the car not wearing shoes. Ivy was needing milk.

I smiled bashfully at the shift manager.
She led me to my lonely trolley.

My card was declined.

I called the bank.

Still $90.00 available. Huh?

Then I realised, for some reason, I was entering Haki's information (still running on this morning's Plan B?). I entered the digits correctly, and the blessed digital "ACCEPTED" was spelled out on the small screen. Yesss.

I accepted my wad of receipts, and thanked her for her patience and said, "My day's about to turn around." She smiled politely.

We drove back home, Haki now at work, and I told myself it hadn't been that bad. A wasted trip, yes...but no "accidents," for such a short trip...and minimal embarrassment really - I mean, I paid in the end, right? One wasted trip into the village. A shame...but okay.

Approaching our home, Esky chanted, "Check the mail!?" and I got excited. The day was going to turn around. There was going to be good mail, I just knew it. I pulled up next to our "drive-thru" mailbox and opened its door.

There was mail.
Junk mail.
The first junk mail we've ever received at our rural address (we've opted out).

I accidentally dropped the junk mail on the ground.

I got out of the car and awkwardly manoeuvred between the ajar door and mailbox line-up to pick up the unwanted papers.

We drove up the drive, parcel-less. I hauled the larger chubbalub down the steps (Ivy was asleep) with the junk mail destined for the recycling bin in the other hand...
...before realising I didn't have a house key.

I hauled the chubbalub back up the steps and put her back in the car.

She still hadn't had her scheduled toilet stop. Ivy was due to wake and start sucking her fingers off, any second.

We drove back to Haki's work - making good on my words to the shift manager, only literally.

I got a house key.
We drove home.
I hauled the childluns in.
I dressed my fingers in plastic bag-handles and carried all of our groceries down the steps in one trip - conscious of how long the cold foods had been sitting...and of Esky's need to have opportunity to pee in the right place (and a decent length of opportunity, rather than a quick-sit and then get off and pee - which has been known to happen).

I missed my canvas, reusable bags being up over my shoulders and easy.

I felt something giving way, very close to the door...
...and that is when the Extra Virgin Olive Oil broke free of the bag and fell onto the concrete step. Good-bye, most-expensive-item-I-purchased with the $90.00 I had.
Perhaps out of sympathy, Esky dropped her "surprise drink."

I nursed Ivy on a step stool in the bathroom while Esky swung her legs on the can, waiting for the magic to happen, and turned the pages while I read her a book.

There was no magic.

...instead she managed to pee on the floor three times and shoot out a surprise number two, all before her afternoon nap.

And you know what?
I was still happy. Really happy.
  • Esky said "May I please..." in front of every request this morning.
  • The sun was shining.
  • The eggs didn't fall out of the bag too.
  • Ivy didn't cry once through the entire joke of a morning.
  • I didn't go over $90.00.
  • We're all healthy.
  • Lunch was yummy.
  • I didn't have to get my food with a bow and arrow.
  • I have two beautiful girls.
  • ...and a husband. Who has a job.
  • He kissed me when he gave me the house key, while I let the engine idle outside his work.
  • Esky and I sang in the car...
  • ...and saw deer.
There's more olive oil where that came from.
It'll just have to wait until next week.

P.S. How happy am I this wasn't a fragile morning? Yay for settling hormones!
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