Monday, July 25, 2011

Snow: Part Two a.k.a. "You WILL love snow"

We woke up this morning to moooore snow.
Snow on Cabbage Trees amuses me greatly.
Esky made very clear she was happy to watch the snow from indoors yesterday (she was reluctant to do anything else), but seeing the soft powder out there this morn', I was determined to bring her 'round to the idea getting out in the magical stuff. I mean, look at it!
It didn't go so well.

(Yes, that's a full-blown thrifted snow suit I had saved for a time such as this, in high hopes. No amount of positive-speak about footprints, glistening, tissue-flakes or snow angels could persuade the child to say anything other than 1. "It's slippery. It's cold. Maybe we should go inside now." and then 2. "Nooooo! I don't want to play in the snow.")

So the snow-lover in me had to settle for very different snow play to the sort I grew up with (especially considering I had two fearless elder brothers to mimic);After singing "Once there was a Snowman," a few times and eating all of the the raisins off of our very own miniature case in point, Esky returned to business as usual.
That was until I alerted her to the changes taking place with our snowman;
She'll keep.
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