Friday, August 5, 2011

Butter Stalactites

I opened the fridge yesterday morning to discover this scene:
My stomach knotted up.
The fridge and freezer were heating...not cooling.

Soon-to-be-justified tangent:
For the past few days I've woken up feeling as though I haven't slept at all. I don't know what's going on...I'm so tired all the time.

No, I'm not pregnant.

As a result of my mysterious weariness, I decided I'd tackle the fridge-freezer and all its contents (in various stages of cooking or thawing) in a few minutes - I needed to rally up some energy.

I redirected my attention to feeding the cat.

That didn't go so well;
..well, I guess that depends on who you're asking.

Oh. I see. One of those mornings; those mornings determined to get you down. We'll see about that.

  • ...the fact that Haki flew out of the city again less than an hour after this discovery,
  • having to discard some slow-cooked-over-night fridge foods (I'll miss you especially, bought-on-special-Feta!)
  • the quasi-torture of cleaning up melted butter,
  • Esky peeing on the floor right when the repair-dude turned up (which she hasn't done in a long time! and no...we have not yet mastered poo),
  • thinking for too long about how the block-of-gold butter was not in my baking,
  • feeling so so so tired doing the normal stuff right now, let alone extra stuff, and
  • later learning what replacing this faulty thermostat's going to cost me...
I am grateful.
  • A lovely friend came and carted off some of my thawed meats and vegetables to cook for dinner at her place that night - she has a houseful! (I mean really has a houseful - with multiple families living under one roof.) She also brought over ice and a chilly bin so I could keep our condiments and some other salvaged items cool.
  • My father and I recently discussed how important it is to get rid of grease/fats/butter wisely...(to avoid clogging drains)...I'm pretty sure that reminder-talk was to prepare me for the past 36 hours.
  • My power's still on. My house isn't shaking or sliding or experiencing some other disaster that would cause this same result as one of many effects. It's just my fridge-freezer having issues. I have a fridge in my more-than-comfortable first-world home. Hello!
  • I have slowly been preparing for Haki's birthday (coming up soon!) for months. Months, I tell you. This means that the serious dent the fridge repair has thrown in our bill will not mean I am left with an already maxed-out budget right when I need some money to fling around. I've flung, people. Yus.
  • Right when I feel exhausted (Anemic? What IS this I've got going on!?) and would most likely opt for eating toast three meals a day with different toppings - I'd make some effort, I am instead presently cooking bags and bags of vegetables on the stove and refreezing them in smaller portions (as they are, and in soup - currently slow-cooking). The thought of wasting any more food coupled with fear of burning my house down is keeping me spite of seriously heavy eyes. Nutrition is good. Forced nutrition is also good. Maybe I will get through this weird bout of fatigue because my refrigerator had a hernia.
  • Esky helped me. She is adorable. Ivy was really low maintenance during the cleaning. Blessings.
  • Tonight I won a $90 Weleda voucher!
Things break.
Especially 20-year-old+ appliances that have moved a lot. It's part of life.
If there's not enough silver lining, there's at least plenty of other silver stuff twinkling in my universe.

P.S. Thankfully the Parmesan and Best Foods mayo were least effected - hallelujah! My dad bought us stacks of both last time they dropped down to a swallowable price...and I think I just might have cried if it they'd had to go too. At least I think they're okay. You'll know if my next post is titled, "Food Poisoning Sucks," won't you?
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