Monday, August 29, 2011


We've been enjoying some new activities at The Lighthouse, some from my school-teaching days, a few from friends, others from my own childhood, and plenty from Pinterest.

When I pinned the inspiration for this idea, there was no way I could have known what a home-run it would be with Esky!

Here she is, cap-scoopin'!
These milk bottle caps / tops each have a letter written on a circle of vinyl in vivid (permanent marker). For our first "game set" I have written out the vowels in capitals and in lower case, and the challenge is to fish out the matching pairs in sequence.

The possibilities for this little activity and kinesthetic learning are making my mind buzz (more than it is already); fishing out prime numbers from a pool of integers / selecting multiples or factors of a certain number / matching mixed number fractions with their equivalent decimals / spelling challenges / combining blends to create words...and so on and so on....buzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Here's the original pin.

Pin real life; use Pinterest to inspire instead of evoke desire.

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