Monday, August 15, 2011

Polenta a.k.a. Corn Grits

While my dad was staying with us, he introduced me to corn grits. I love them. I treat them exactly like porridge (oatmeal) and heap on butter and brown sugar before devouring at breakfast...and sometimes throughout the day if I've made enough. Grits and snow days were made for each other.


1 cup corn grits : 5 cups water (This makes enough for me to have two large bowls, and Esky one - multiply as necessary)
My dad bought our grits from a Chinese food supply store, in bulk. They are also available at some supermarkets.

  1. Measure ingredients into your slow cooker the night before you wish to wake to the smell of warm corn (mmmm);
  2. Switch cooker to "low"; and
  3. Serve around 8 hours later.
(No slow cooker? Apparently you can cook 'em for 45 minutes on the stove for similar results.)

If you're not a fan of the butter 'n' brown sugar combo, you could try:
  • My dad's preference - butter and salt and pepper.
  • Adding fruit or juice.
  • Stirring in some cream.
  • Using butter only.
Already a grits fan? How do you like your grits?
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