Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Esky: The Domestic, Naive and Adored

At 2 years and 3 months...
  • Esky can still be played - if I ask almost anything with wall-bouncing enthusiasm she answers "yes" without thinking, and often before the question is finished. I also don't have to insert any coins for her to spend upwards of 5 minutes pretending in something like this:
  • I only have to let out so much as the first syllable of a word or note of a song (if I'm humming) for Esky to chime in. I call it song-jinx. And the kid knows a lot of songs (at least 200, I'd say, by how many mix CDs she's got memorised and so on). I love it. It's pretty rad having someone almost break into spontaneous song with you, simultaneously...and without a request, just 'cause.
  • I've always loved having her with me at the supermarket - she usually alternates between swinging from the handle and loading groceries I pass her, and then enters PLU numbers at the self-checkout...all because Ivy's carseat is perched where Esky once ruled the roost. I could get a cart with two little human spots, but Esky consistently requests to walk...and she's so well-behaved, I welcome it. Today, a darling friend loaned us something that took Esky's love for the supermarket to a whole new level; Esky was chuffed to carry avocadi and sour cream for me in her own cart, and was beaming as she followed me down the aisles (I know what you're thinkin', I was making guacamole. Au contraire - avy shakes are back and better than ever since their price dropped again...and the sour cream is for more corn bread - I haven't had any for more than a week and I'm missing it!).
  • Esky is quick to latch-on to anything with a face and call it her "friend" - it doesn't have to be a doll - it can be a finger puppet, picture, balloon...almost anything. For a long time all "friends" were considered as potential bedtime companions (let that sentence never ring true again, jeepers!) - before Lily became the preferred cuddler...and some nights she would choose Pig. A piggybank. A plastic, hard piggybank. She would bring that thing into our bed in the morning for cuddles. This was part of what led to me routinely suggesting Lily enthusiastically each evening...that darn pig was a nasty cuddler. I began to feel sorry for him, however, and so suggested he come for bathtime once. He now resides in the bathroom full-time and is a bathtoy. Ah, toy evolution. He deserves it, he didn't even get a name!
  • I'm a big fan of turning the light out in Esky's room early in the bedtime routine (it's chemical! ...it's all about flickin' that "sleep" switch earlier, for me) - when she comes back from brushing her teeth, family and personal prayer the light is already out, and all we have is the light from the hallway. I sing to her with the light out, sit with her and tell her what she did well that day, and then tuck her in, all in mostly-dark. Some nights we read the scriptures and/or bedtime story in bed (usually done in the lounge, before brushing teeth), at Esky's request, because one night I did it in a different order because of Ivy's needs...and used a torch to light up the pages - because I was determined to maintain mostly-darkness in the room for that part of the routine.
  • Esky called the grasshopper image in her bingo game a "hoppergrass" for about a week. I almost resisted correcting her.
  • She sure loves that bingo game.
  • Esky enjoys setting up camp next to me when I'm drawing visuals for Primary, and regularly says, "We're drawing together!" while we "work." Fyi - if it's in the lines in her book, I did it. See how much I get done though? The little patches of colour in the lines? Yeah, she gets a serious case of the colour-coveties every time she invites me to colour with her...and so I am regularly surrendering my crayon because she now urgently requires the colour I'm using. (Thus far, aside from writing the number "6" and drawing spirals, snakes/worms and squares, she pretty much just scribbles on each colouring book page as though she's ticking it before turning to the next one.) P.S. Oscar's brows are not blue, Esky.
  • She officially has better manners than me. You teach this girl how to use "Excuse me," and she uses it all. the. time - and in relevant situations. She uses it to scoot past you, after she burps (with a giggle), if she wants to take something out from under something you have, if she wants to talk to you when you're busy...I don't always do all of those things! Aaaaaah, she's fantastic!
  • When Esky says she's going to build a tower or a tunnel, she actually builds it now...instead of the old royal "I'm" which meant she was going to pass you blocks and clap. She's really building stuff.

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