Thursday, August 18, 2011

Five Notes on Fatigue at 5:00

So, remember how I was sure me slowin' down on the fluids was to blame for my sudden onset of chronic fatigue (and weird neuro- stuff - dizziness, light-headness, light sensitivity)? Apparently not. I'm guzzling like a Chevy Suburban and still, squat on the energy levels - it seems I only had a day's reprieve from this killer wave of exhaustion...that would be the day I wrote the post about how water was the miracle cure for all that ailed me. If only.

My theories:
  1. Maybe if I turn my (minor) affliction into a competition called, "Name that cause!" then it could be fun? /feeble side-smile. I could offer a T-shirt saying, "Let me diagnose you, I've been right once" as the prize. /eyebrow-raise
  2. If it's not dehydration, maybe it is anemia? But my iron intake is pretty good...I'm doubting this hypothesis.
  3. Maybe Brooke is right, and something is in the water...and whatever it is, it's debilitating. (We're on tank water, maybe all the odd weather of late has led to a deposit of something a little dodge? I try not to think too much about the floaties when I'm doing the aforementioned guzzling.)
  4. A lot of normally-easy things become nigh on impossible when you feel super-tired. This isn't really a theory, is it? FACT: It is difficult to remember if one has changed one's clothes, let alone do the changing...when super-tired (delivered in the manner of Dwight Schrute, for those who missed it.)
  5. This is a curs-ed virus (you've got to pronounce it the biblical way, given its proportions). Supporting evidence for this theory: I have spoken with two other people experiencing similar symptoms - practically proven (ha!)...and remember, Esky has been sick too (which I realise could also support the bad water idea). Ivy's protected by miracle milk and Haki's not here enough to catch much of anything except a snowball to the forehead.
"Pregnancy," as cause, is officially ruled out. I'm 99% sure (recognise that percentage from a certain type of boxed test? Yup, I took one - I am that baffled by what is going on - because the chances of pregnancy being the explanation were seriously slim for many reasons, one of which is highlighted in item number 5, above - the fineprint will take on a whole new meaning upon review).

Blood results forthcoming - if a few early nights don't see this end.
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