Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Un-anniversary IV

A few years ago I declared August 11th as our un-anniversary because I wanted to publicly celebrate being eternally wed to Haki more often. So I did, here, here, and here.

Haki, thank you for the last 8 years and 2/3rds of another.

Without you, I wouldn't have this:

Not only that, because of who you are and what you do for us I am able to spend my time at home with these two divine creations - what I've always longed for.

Not everyone has that luxury.*

I admire every faith-filled step you're taking, the risks and pressures you're sweeping to the side, and every. single. second of attention you give us during your visits home. (Yeah, they're more like visits to home, aren't they - rather than visits away?)

I know this chapter is far from ideal for a person, but I've found my ideal person to spend it with.

The pay-offs will come later.

And no, not that kind of pay-off - I know what you're thinking.
Everyone knows what you're thinking;
(published to my Facebook wall after I wrote this post)

{For those now humming their favourite hymn and covering their ears in hopeful innocence, I'm sorry to break it to you, within the 22-some subsequent comments that followed below this, Haki made quite clear he was not talking about a visit to the library. I am acutely aware that I am publishing this dicey tribute immediately after sharing, in brief, what we believe makes successful marriages and families...I'm guessing Haki feels his essential criterion is too loosely lumped under "Love" and "Wholesome Recreational Activities"? }


I assure you, any rewards (large or small) for you that I have control over will be in spite of that request, not because of it.

P.S. It definitely helps your chances that you used "you're" instead of "your."

*You know what else is a luxury? Avocadi. Yup, that is the official plural and they are still pretty darn expensive in these here parts...but you, my husband, earn the dollars and I spend 'em how I like...and we are wearing Avocado Shake moustaches to prove it - look again.
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