Monday, August 8, 2011

Hydration - it's important.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Remember how I said I was drinking four bottles of water a day? Well, I did.

Then a few weeks later I whined about feeling super-pooped? I mean beyond the usual, I'm-nursing-through-the-night-and-toilet-training-a-toddler-with-my-husband-away pooped. I said "super."

I figured I had to be low on iron. Surely. I hadn't felt this tired since the ute' was occupied.
And I slept 14 hours one night this week in attempt to quash this weirdness - woke up with zero improvement. Yup. Had to be iron.

Then something occured to me. Where was my Bobble? (drink bottle)

Yeah, somewhere in between some spring cleaning, happy airport arrivals, Teddy Bear hospitals, family walks and lunches, and scrubbing up melted butter and shifting soggy foods...I stopped drinking. Completely.

Yet I kept nursing.

Now, some people (smart people) would have realised the sum of fatigue, headaches, and dizziness was dehydration. It took me days. DAYS. And it got ugly. /forehead slap

One of my sisters doesn't produce milk if she misses a meal and cuts back on fluids. My other sister and I are designed differently, it seems - no amount of shortcutting or reduction alters our supply - our bodies will make milk, and they'll make it goooood (have you seen the flesh bracelets on my cherubs?)...even if it means my milk factory has to cart in reserves from the forbidden lands.

Yeah, my body was drinking itself.
I don't recommend it.

The good news:
I'm feeling much better...

...and water sure is cheap medicine.

(Do not fret, Bobble was not lost, just no longer within arm's reach and handy.)
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