Monday, August 29, 2011

Managing Extreme Fatigue

(Ivy, who drifts on mid-rattle-shake. This lead image being related to this post is a bit of a stretch, I know. Embrace the indiscriminate use of baby images.)

When the goin' gets tough-ish, I think something's gotta give (how's that for two idioms mashed up together, eh?! Sorry, I'm tired. All the time, did I mention?! Oh yes, I did.).

I think it's important to choose the thing that "gives" before it's chosen for you. Don't you?

I choose to blog and clean less. I quit renting movies; stop reading (non-essential) books; and pull way back on the IT favours and designwork. I reschedule meetings, go to bed much earlier, and reschedule any major projects I'd planned to tackle.

If I make enough cutbacks in these types of areas, I can ensure my time with my family (and the girls especially, since Haki's so rarely here) is still quality. This is important to me because the thing I find most challenging about feeling unwell, is compromising the quality of our time together.

So these past few weeks, because I felt less independently spontaneous and creative (that is - not seeing and seizing special opportunities to create, explore, learn and play as often - with so little energy), I embraced Pinterest as a source of ideas; think for me, Pinterest, please! And Pinterest delivered. {Follow Me on Pinterest}

There was nothing grandiose about what we were doing, but I did my best to initiate simple activities together that would help ensure each day had some memorable and colourful play mixed in amongst the things we do out of routine and obligation, (which, as I have mentioned before, are not necessarily drudgery anyway - work and play are not mutually exclusive). These helped to stimulate and provoke new thoughts and excitement from my gorgeous toddler, whilst hopefully still teaching her that sometimes, Mama needs to take it easy - which is another valuable a lesson, isn't it? Wouldn't it be great if our children learned how to rest and pace themselves because of our example?

I keep a visual calendar of the days Haki is away to help Esky build a concept of the time that needs to pass before his return. (This has also been a sure way to see that we did at least one really fun thing each day, no matter how garbage I was feeling, because that "thing" was the image for the day.) We cross off each image on our way to the landing plane symbol, and Esky has become a veteran at explaining what each illustration represents - both in anticipation and retrospect.

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