Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh, Haki had a birthday...

...last week - when I was sleeping instead of blogging. I'm still doing that a lot.

Back to the birthday boy:
Here he is on his 31st birthday.

He didn't know I took this photo - he's really on the phone here...wearing one of his birthday presents.

And here he is holding one of his other gifts, freshly opened, first thing in the morn (Esky was a persistent alarm clock on his special day);
We had a stupendous family day, and as a tender mercy, it was one of my best (energy-level-wise) in recent weeks.

Our agenda included eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal (his favourite - sent over special! Thanks, Heather) for breakfast, eating out for lunch...
(metre long pizza)
...and for dinner and dessert (at Haki's mum's!)

You read right, I didn't cook squat. I wonder if that's why the night before I dreamed it was my birthday, come the morrow.

What I actually liked best about Haki's birthday: That the thing he wanted second-to-most, was to take Esky to a park. On his birthday. Love that man.
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