Friday, August 12, 2011

Pinterest, Reassessed

I heard about virtual pinning a while ago. I thought it was brilliant then...and dangerous.

Brilliant because it was a tool I'd searched for. You see, I'd already been saving images that inspired me on my harddrive for as long as I had a drive that was hard. Gosh, that sounded rude. But seriously, I couldn't resist the pun - as long as I've had a "harddrive" and a "hard drive," - the latter being forEVER.

See, here's a screenshot of my "Projects and Inspiration" folders:
You can't trawl the kind of blogs I do without seeing ideas and creations you want to remember and save for later. And save I did. I remembered while I was doing this I was thinking, "Golly, there has to be a better waaaaay!!!" but I didn't know what that way was (it sure as heck wasn't bookmarking!), so I proceeded as I had been for so long.

Then along came

And like I say, brilliant; same thing I'm doing, only better:
  • I don't use up space on my lappy with all those images;
  • Saving images on my harddrive in a way that would help me return to the source page was arduous - pinning makes this so much easier.
  • Inspiration can be shared.
  • I prefer Pinterest, aesthetically, to Windows Explorer.
But I already had soooo much saved on the computer that wasn't online...and the thought of starting up a space dedicated to a visual brainstorm of such things without my existing collection included irked equal amounts to the prospect of dedicating a chunk of time to methodically transferring the existing collection so it would be pinned.

Couple that with my certainty it was dangerous, and you have my reasons for delaying crossing over. (A site such as this could potentially do two things obvious to most; 1 - suck up time that shouldn't be sucked, and 2 - get me all covet-y...which I hate.)

My first reasons for resisting dissolved over time as I observed that the brilliance over-riding the inconvenience of duplicating/restarting my inspiration collection...and the latter reason was no longer moot after Dee got all smarty pants with the whole, "use it to inspire not create desire" buzz. She really is smart.

And so I caved.

And I've never looked back.

I was never
My concerns were simply
As the process had me dispossessed,
But now my time I'll reinvest,

My interest is self-professed,

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Too far?
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