Saturday, August 6, 2011

Project: Personalised Recipe Cards

LinkInspired by the recipe cards I saw over here, I designed some personalised cards for our family (well, more so for giving away to others from our family recipe book). Instead of printing to cardstock myself and cutting 'em up, I (re)turned to Vistacrack!

(on the reverse I removed the blue sticker-style header, ran the dotted lines across without a break, and printed in grayscale)

I'm in love with them.

For around $14 for (slow) "postage" (because that's how their money is made) + recycled card instead of the default gloss, I got 100 of these pretties.

You should design some too. Go on.

Or print JSIM's ones - I mentioned them as my inspiration for the project earlier - they're a free download!

Small tip: If you have AI, PSD or PSE, it's worth downloading the Vistaprint postcard templates so that you design directly onto something with their guides.
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