Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sleep, I Needs It

After four weeks of dizziness, on and off headaches, lightheadedness and sleep-walking, I have grand news; I'm free of 75% of that symptom list! Now I'm just dog-tired! But every day becoming less tired. HUZZAH!

Thanks for all your sweet comments, emails, texts, and messages of concern. Enough of those though, eh? ***Let's switch to sweet comments, emails, texts, and messages of agreement of how delicious my offspring are. I sound like a papa chimp...they've been known to literally eat their babies, you know. To clarify: I'm talking about faux-chomping on chubby cherub cheeks. 'CH' x 4; cha-ching. 6!

I wish I could tell you the cause and how I remedied it - the thought of saving someone else a month of trial and error makes my heart sing! Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

This much, I know:
  • My ring-finger rings are chattering like a stack of bangles on my finger. They haven't done that in the near-9 years I've been wearing them...something was definitely up.
  • I did my best to meet any deficiencies I could on the home-front via green smoothies, sun-snacking, iron-rich foods, morning doses of Berocca, increased water intake, more sleep, less work, echinacea and thuja, loads of raw or barely-cooked veges...the list goes on.
  • When I say "more sleep," I mean I slept 12-hour nights and still had the brain pain.
  • My blood tests cleared me for thyroid issues, infection, kidney problems, glandular fever (mono), anemia and other essential vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • My (khaki self-imposed uniformed) doc ruled out stroke, tumour, parasite, low/high blood pressure, and vision-related changes.
  • My doc suggested (wait for it) I might be recovering from a virus - but without a temperature, it seemed my body was no longer fighting a bug.
  • My doc finally concluded I was experiencing extreme sleep deprivation - the word "Guatanamo" was flung about (c'mon, really?). After I defended myself against this preposterous proposition (cure weariness with sleep, whaaa'?), I weighed up his words. He explained that while I may be "sleeping" plenty, he believed I was not getting an effective sleep - that being the only one home to wake for two wakers (yup, Esky's latest string of bugs has resulted in her waking a lot, even since they've passed), has resulted in an ugly adaptation; he believes my body is never entering deep sleep, and that is why I have been waking tired...with a range of other neurological symptoms he confidently linked to sleep deprivation.
  • He said that, orrrr I've got a pituitary gland issue. Unlikely. I'll be having a brain scan if the other symptoms return after making serious lifestyle changes.
Where to from here?

  1. I need to make effective sleep a priority. I've got a few ideas I've been putting into action, but more than anything, it's about placing more value on quality rest - and I can do more about that. I have been, and things are improving...but we'll never know if this thing just reached its natural end or was banished by something I'm doing, will we?
  2. See ***. /grin

(Lead image: the first picture Esky took on our camera-camera - not a phone camera - you can see my head in the reflection assisting the interested learner. I like the way the blankets look like desert dunes. Again, let's embrace the loose-relation to the post subject, shall we? We are on the bed, and I need more rest.)

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