Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Successful Marriages and Families: Freebie

No, I am not dispensing successful marriages nor families. I am however giving away something related to both... may remember my Living Room Makeover from a year or so ago.

Let us reminisce - if only to get a little sobby over how little Esky was then;
Man, I love that junior photo bomber. Also rather fond of the way that her $2 pushcar is peeking out from behind the couch before she makes her streak through the frame.

Where were we? Freebies, yes. Please direct your attention to the prints on the wall.
Still looking at the child? I don't blame you.

Allow me to make this easier;
The top print is one I created - a list of principles we believe successful marriages and families are established and maintained upon - a list of things we strive to teach, reinforce, model and uphold in our home. (This it taken from a proclamation written by a the leaders of our church, which we also have framed in full in our can see it on the mantle in the Living Room Makeover, in fact. I removed this list from the text because I like me a good list, oh yes'um...and a list of instruction on the things that matter most - yes please!)

I just adooooore the expression, "Wholesome Recreational Activities."

Feel free to display it in your home! Free for other non-commercial uses too.
(Click on the image to be taken to a larger copy to download.)
What would your list look like?
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