Sunday, August 14, 2011

White and Lights

This weekend has been eventful.

I prepared a surprise dinner party in our kitchen for Saturday night...over the entire week (you know, in available 15-minute increments, and with two little ones beholding or not so much on the assisting part).

I made placecards, baked desserts and favours, cleaned, sought out and wrapped gifts, laid a fire ready to be lit, hauled and stacked a wood reserve, ordered a meal (as I would be out all day with the guests I was surprising) and bought sparkling grape juice, cleaned some more, scrubbed up the humans, cued music on loop, decorated, set the table, and employed a kind accomplice to deliver the meal just before our arrival, along with a few last tweaks.

What's missing from this list:
  • How mysteriously clingy Esky was on Friday when I still had many errands to run...and only two arms (yup, no updates on the arm-age).
  • How I was planning to attend to the nitty-gritty of the set-up once the cherubs slept...and they were very unusually awake.
  • How Esky woke up and vomitted on everything within a two-metre radius not long after falling asleep (late).
  • How Ivy cried and cried to be unlatched during peak flow when I dashed to clear vomit stuck in Esky's throat.
  • How long the girls took to resettle after this transpired.
  • How I threw out one vomit-encrusted sheet instead of scrubbing it.
  • How I felt like I was on a cruise liner all of a, "I'm about to run and hurl," kind of way.
  • How diarrhoea does little to help toilet training (the runs came after the vomitting phase appeared to be over, thankfully).
  • How cleaning up diarrhoea does little to help cruise-liner-nausea (when the hot water hits that stuff...)
  • How I discovered my flour kitchen store and flour canister in the basement were empty after returning from the village.
  • How I tipped icing sugar on the floor while I was dusting stars atop the brownies.
  • How I tipped the flower vase over to spill water on the present I'd just finished wrapping.
  • How many times the day plans changed, including a serious delay on Haki's return flight home.
  • How the dinner guests included someone who kind of terrifies me.
What is also missing:
  • I didn't hurl.
  • Two arms were enough. There are few things more soothing than having a child nestled and still in each of your arm-hammocks for a brief calm after a parent storm.
  • Esky was chipper and darling while she recovered from emptying her stomach and a mid-night hairwash over the basin - she sat perched on the edge of the bed eating a plain piece of bread while I seized a 5-minute window to wrap a gift on the floor, Ivy propped up within the V my legs formed. Looking on, Esky cheerily noted of my wrapping, "That looks beaUtiful, Mama." (It takes 5 minutes to polish off a slice when you yabber a lot.)
  • The guest was less terrifying this encounter. I made it through without a visible quiver.
  • I witnessed a heart-swelling reunion like no other.
  • The man who puts your trolley away for you at Mosgiel New World (and sometimes helps mothers unload their groceries) is named Russell.
  • When we opted for family quarantine this morning, the day snowed in agreement...and the fairy lights were still up from last night's dinner. My heart sang at the sight of such a combination of heart-leaping wonder. They're still turned on.
  • Quarantine isn't all bad;

(1. I just know Esky is repeating that sentence because I am not talking back - I've learned my voice RIGHT UP by the camera is not to be desired; 2. My MIL has asked to be called "Gamma" - so that's no speech impediment.)

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