Monday, August 15, 2011

The "You WILL love snow" Project

After our last snow experience...
...I was only more determined to cross my eldest over to the white side - where all are happy, merry, and struck with wonderment to receive winter's greatest gift.
(No, I have not missed the irony in Esky's pseudonym's origins considering her initial sentiments towards snow-play.)

I talked snow up -- big time. I shared beautiful snow photography with Esky. I collected and displayed pictures of children playing in snow. I showed her pictures of herself, building her indoor snowman and narrated how fantastical it would be to build another snowman outside next time. I downloaded Peppa Pig episodes about snow and played them to her. She began to catch the spark.

The snow came.

My work was not yet done...this time I ensured she was in oversized clothing so she would not feel constricted in all her layers, I carried her over the first slippery steps that last time started her off on uncertain footing, but above all, this time I ventured out into the wonderland with the most powerful secret weapon of all - a second witness that snow is, in fact, glorious.

Mission complete.
Yup, I'm in my pyjamas and my glasses - it's a voyeur's two-fer.This box served as my shield each time I joined the foray (I was in and out of the house, checking on an awake and alert Ivy), my super-scooper.Ivy. Chillin'.Here's my secret weapon / second witness / handsome piece of arm candy - demonstrating how to create a snowball while Esky fires away......and gets him right on the noggin.Is it just me, or is there some confusion here about who is teacher and student? Eyeing up our section's slope, I lamented the absence of a decent toboggan. I asked Haki if he could think of anything we could use, and he asked me to throw him the keys to the basement. Esky is looking on while he goes beneath the house to scrounge up a sled proxy.
He found something and displayed it with melodramatic victory;...there were fistpumps.
It was an old, rusted roasting dish I'd relegated to the bowels of our home as a possible planter / kitty litter container / something-or-rather.
I had a turn - Haki dragging me downhill. He explained to Esky that he would do it too if his butt would fit in the dish. She accepted him as fairly excused from taking a ride.
As time progressed, Esky trucked on! Rather, they did. They also realised I was watching and snapping away from inside, and threw snowballs at me (the glass). This was possibly Esky's favourite moment.
I am rubbing my hands together just thinking about how "right" Esky's snug snowsuit will fit Ivy next winter.


P.S. The polenta is slow-cooking as I type. Mmmmmm.

P.S. A small snowman was built outside. Try and spot him. I said "small."
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