Friday, September 2, 2011

Birdwatching at The Lighthouse

Someone I like to think of as "Mrs Dee*lightful" shared how she and hers are becoming quite the birdwatchers, with the help of this dandy resource.  What's this?  An illustrated guide to common NZ garden birds?  /print  ...  /laminate  ... /clap merrily.

And birdwatch we have!
Those, my friends, are Silvereyes.  I know, they're on the sheet.  /tap tap.
They really dig our blossoming wild plum tree.

That face Esky's doing in close-up (shot 4) is the, "Pardon?!" or "What?!" face.  (Usually the latter, workin' on fault!)

The expression a few shots later was accompanied by a sweet sing-song request; "Please, can we go to the swing now?"  Yes Esky, that's enough birdwatching for today.

Thus far, we have spotted in our garden:
  • Tuis;
  • Keruru (Wood Pigeons);
  • Silvereyes;
  • Blackbirds; 
  • Starlings (they nest in our gutters a lot, so you could say we're pretty tight with the Starlings - what with drinking their poop and whatnot);
  • Fantails (like Franny!); and
  • a single Song Thrush.
Esky happily suggests we grab our sheets each time we empty the compost bucket / go for a walk / head down to the basement's outdoor entry / collect cabbage tree leaves for kindling /  go outside for any reason whatsoever.

We have only heard the bellbirds...they're pretty camo and high-perching...but we will persevere.  
I do have binoculars.  Of course I do.

 I heart resources.
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