Friday, September 9, 2011

Eight More Loves at 8:00

I'm loving:
  1. Eating Chocolate Self-saucing Pudding from the dish it bubbled and baked in, as I type; I'm pretty sure Miss Manners can't even tsk tsk typing with one's mouth full.
  2. Baking said pud' when the total number of humans eating solids in this household at present = 2, and the other consumer is wee - boh-nus!
  3. Spring blossoms.  Isn't everybody?  Oh wait, you other-hemispherians probably aren't.  Soz about that.
  4. Getting some of my groove back - the invisible demon that has been hitting me with the Fatigue Stick appears to have returned to its cave for at least two days.  These past two days have felt like I should be strutting around in a utility belt, cape and very shiny boots...compared to how I was feeling before the recent reprieve.  (Yeah, not 100% on the diagnosis - but I am sure of my bright hope this tide will turn, and soon.)
  5. Green smoothies...that I add so many berries to that they're purple.
  6. That one of my childhood friends recently shared a "homophone moment," that I would have guffawed over, in person (bullet 4).  I'm loving even more that I've been reunited with her through beeeelogging (doesn't that sound like "belonging" with a cold?)
  7. The object lesson I saw at the last baptism I attended - a missionary spoke and used a bowl of pepper-covered water and a handsoap-coated finger to illustrate how being baptised helps to be clean.  Science is rad, try it.
  8. That I get to experience this again;
(Me right now, mouth empty; that pudding is gone burgers - eight points is a lot.)

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