Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Esky...looks like me?

Almost 28 months old.

  • ...clearly needs an updated silhouette in her header.
  • so accustomed to me and Haki applauding her "leg move" (getting down on all fours and then poking her leg up behind her and shaking it) that now she builds to it herself, "I'm about to do it...I'm going to do...THE LEG!" and she gets down and does it.  Performer.  And why wouldn't she keep doing it, with the response I gave?  OH BOY.
  • pictured here, dressed ready to leave for church with her Monkey bag.
  • ...speaking of which, in Nursery she's a bit of a teacher's pet.  Uh-oh.  This has the potential for being less endearing with time; on Sunday she reportedly softly placed her hand into the lap of the child next to her, leaned over and whispered, "Saskia, it's time to be quiet now for the lesson." 
  •  ...ran around the gymnasium at the chapel last week...because other children were playing line-tag...and she saw running, and so joined in.  She had no idea what they were playing, and was not included in the game, but she didn't know, nor did she care - she kept giggling and pointing at various children crying, ""You're good at running!" 
  •  ...cuddles Ivy so often.  I regularly catch her hugging her little sister and talking to her (without encouragement or praise to do so), when I'm hanging washing in an adjacent room or some other nearby task.  My favourite thus far has been Esky explaining that one day her room will have both of their initials in it, and it will be, "Esky AND Ivy's room!"
  • ...has, from Ivy's arrival, immediately supplied a "friend" (stuffed toy) as soon as she finds her dear baby sister is sleeping (shock-horror) without one. 
  • ...likes to jump with rope...yeah, not the same as jumping rope.  Bless her.
  • apparently starting to look like me.  I won't argue with FB facial recognition...or my little sister (who says so about half of the photos I post of Esky).

P.S.  Look at her at 10 months.  Aaaaw.

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