Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grass, Snot and Nanas

I think the weird mystery illness has officially passed...just in time for me to catch a common cold.  You know what though?  After more than a month of feeling what I was feeling, a common cold is pretty fantastic.  I even mowed some of our 1/2 acre during it.  So did my mother.*   She's some nana, that one!  She and Dad came for a surprise visit for all of three days and she lugs out the lawn mower and weeds flower beds.  /head shake.  I love her. 

Not only are colds a breeze after more severe weird mystery illnesses (bonus), but having a cold at the same time as having crazy-fatigue would have been a bummer, so really, this cold has its blessings, twice over. Right?  

Our immune systems succumbed in domino fashion - Esky first, me second, Ivy last.  She's so so sweet - truckin' through the leaking facial orifices (those aren't tears, her eyes are just watering...like her nose and mouth), smiling all day as though nothing is wrong.  Night is another story...but thankfully, it appears she's only taken a few days to beat it - although the last to fall, she already seems much improved this evening (go mighty milk!).


* So did Chris, the Legend.
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