Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ivy - Quick to Laugh


    • is so quick to smile and very quick.
    • started finding her hands at 14 weeks.
    • is silent or cooing upon waking up on her own.  Occasionally she'll call out more loudly if someone doesn't swing by for a routine check after a while.  This is very different from Esky as a baby (who acted like we had betrayed her each time she woke up and found herself alone).
    • began rolling from back to front at 4 months, and...
    • ...over the following month began exploring rolling as a mode of transport.
    • grew fond of the Jolly Jumper during the fourth month.
    • has been face-matched to my sister, Mariah, three times by ol' FB - which amuses me, because apart from the blue big brother, I'm the only one who thinks that that is who Ivy resembles most (presently, I'm sure over time I'll see other people in her).
    • now blows raspberries on demand.
    • pooped out two intact blades of grass last week - thatta'girl.

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