Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Lamb Quest

After too many not-homes to count and an equal number of cherubic pleas; "May we find a farmer to pet a baby lamb, pleeeeeeease," we finally found a top human in Jill.

Jill was sitting, polishing off his lunch in a homestead signposted with "Nana and Granddad's - Sit back and be spoiled" at the front step.  He pretended we weren't interrupting as he escorted us to some penned orphans, told us of the toll the snow had taken on ewes and lambs alike, and of his affection for his grandchildren (no surprises there).

Esky giggled and chattered with delight the entire ride home.  (So I didn't split hairs and break it to her that all lambs are babies.  Another day.)

Thank you, Jill, you lovely bloke, you. 

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