Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First Green Smoothie Winner Combo

If you haven't joined the Green Smootie Party, I don't blame you.   But I invite you; come on in, the smoothie is fine!

I've been loading up on these protein-, vitamin-, mineral- and enzyme-rich  treats for the past few weeks, and I'm mad about them.

My sister sang their praises some time back, and I wasn't yet sold.  In fact, I seem to recall my gag reflex was activated during our conversation, more than once.  (See, I told you I knew where y'all hesitators are coming from.)  But lately, I've been way more game when it comes to new foods - especially those that could benefit my health (I ordred a pizza with jalapenos and anchovies on Haki's birthday - why not, eh?  I'll tell you why not, anchovies there's a substantiated reason I don't order them).  Back to the smoothies - they are more than palatable (I enjoy them, and Esky does too), don't smell like 47-week-old fish-socks, and benefit my health;
  • They have increased my fruit and vegetable intake substantially; and
  • ...reduced my processed sugar intake (since I'm often suckin' down these puppies in place of my usual sweet fix).
  • I usually dress my green veges with something less good for me - cheese, butter or dressing being the usual suspects.  Getting my greens sans some bad fats - another plus.
  • I'm eating more vegetables fresh (which I understand in many cases increases bioavailability / nutrients, but in some does not...e.g. carrots - cook 'em to increase absorption.)
  • I've also increased the amount of fibre I'm consuming (which I couldn't do by drinking a vegetable or fruit juice offering similar vitamins alone).
  • They help me drink more fluids.
  • I feel like blending a lot of good stuff up before eating it gives my poor old digestive system a much-needed routine break, because what with all that talking I have to do at. all. times. there just isn't enough time for chewing.
There are more reasons these are great, I just think it's time we cut to my favourite combo already.

Rasp(inach)berry Habit
a.k.a. Therrusaspinachinthis Smoothie

Yes, I made up the names.  Like them.  Asterix would.

10 (small to medium) leaves of fresh spinach
8 large frozen raspberries
1 banana
Almonds, preferably left in water for 10 hours or so
Half an apple
2 glasses of water
A large spoon of honey / some sugar (I'm not hardcore, clearly)

I drink a tall glass of this fresh, pour Esky one too (my toddler's eating her greens!), and then freeze the rest to eat for dessert!

I've tried a few other combinations, but this is my favourite right now - the raspberries really mask the spinach flavour for me.  Haki can drink them, but doesn't relish them as Esky and I do (merrily wearing green smoothie moustaches as we go).

I'm working my way up to sampling some other veges with:
  • Raw kumara and coconut milk.
  • Cucumber, citrus zest and dates.
  • Avocado and alfalfa sprouts.
  • Carrot and pineapple.
  • Strawberry, yoghurt and tomato.
Not so sure I'm convinced about:
  • Beets.
  • Broccoli.
  • Wheat grass.

Already enjoying these?  What do you recommend?
Or maybe you think this is crazier than my much-loved avocado smoothie?  Why haven't you tried the avocado smoothie?  Oh man, want one right now.
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