Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Parrot

Today, Esky and I were quasi-playing* snakes and ladders on a el-cheapo board with three-dimensional snakes and ladders...  (rad, I know - the ladders and snakes are raised ramps and gullies that move the marble playing pieces to their new advanced or backtracked spot).  Esky picks up the two marbles, and handing one to me, leaning towards me over the board, whispers, "You can have this special one because you did your poo in the toilet."

She joined in riotous laughter with me for a good minute thereafter, at which point I asked what she was laughing at and she replied, "You! You're silly, Mama," shaking her head, tipping back on the couch, holding her stomach in exaggeration.

*After a few "real" turns, Esky likes to just pick up the marbles and repeatedly put them down the biggest ramps over and over.
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