Friday, September 30, 2011

Reese's Slice for Kiwis

My friend Heather knows I love Reese's everything. In great wisdom, she sent me this recipe she scored from a companion she served with on her mission.  I made it with New Zealand equivalents.  /drool.  I'd venture this knock-off tops the actual cups!  Here's my version of the blessed recipe (what are NZican's for, if not to serve?).  If you're not living on the land of the long white cloud, you'll probably prefer using the original and its ingredients and terms.

Ingredients List 1

185g butter (3 x 50g slices, plus eyeball 70% of another)
Half of a 500g jar of smooth peanut butter (Preferably Eta, Sanitarium or Kraft)
2 1/4 cups icing sugar
1 cup fine Wheat Digestive crumbs (approx. one pack minus 8 biscuits) - I did these in the food processor.  And for the record, if you haven't' had both Graham Crackers and Digestives, Wheat Digestives are the most similar product I've found we have - for other recipes you find with Grahams...including S'mores.

Method 1
  1. Melt the butter in a large glass bowl in microwave. 
  2. Add peanut butter, sugar, and Digestive crumbs.
  3. Mix with electric mixer until well combined. 
  4. Spread mixture evenly into (an ungreased) pan (I run water over a spoon and use the back of that for smoothing) - a half roasting dish produced my thin slice, go with something smaller for a taller/thicker version.
Ingredients List 2
2 cups milk chocolate buttons (unmelted when measured)
3 (more) Tablespoons smooth peanut butter (or more...I sometimes do 4 generous ones if I've used a 375g jar of peanut butter, then it cleans it all out pretty much)

Method 2
  1. If you have spatula-ed out the bowl fairly well, use that to microwave the chocolate and peanut butter at half power in 30 second increments, quickly stirring in between each blast.  For me, it was perfect after four 30-second bursts, then a much longer stir to melt any final lumps before a final 20 seconds of heating to ready it for pouring (it was only warm to the touch before the final hit), ,so that's 30+30+30+30 (longer stir) +20
  2. Pour and spread evenly over the slice in the pan. 
  3. Refrigerate for 3 hours (minimum).*  Overnight is ideal.
  4. Cut into squares and serve. 
Me yabbering:
  • These. are. so. good.
  • You can do it all without a microwave too, of course.  Good luck with that.  (I liked how speedy and easy it felt with, I confess).
  • While I was first making these I was getting giddy at the prospect of making actual cups in patty cases, or pouring the chocolate first into moulds and topping with the PB mixture...and all sorts of things.  But in retrospect, the slice is so easy, it'd have to be a pretty special occasion for me to slow down the preparation time...especially considering the consumption time would become a proportionally small fraction of that.
  • I just love no bake recipes sometimes. 

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