Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thrifty Digging

I found a new place; a dangerous place.  The kind of place where everything is cheap, but almost everything is also smelly/dirty/broken/torn/stained.  What makes such a place dangerous is the "almost" - the prospect of finding diamonds in the rough.*

$1 for a handful of books (worth it just for the middle page of farm stickers I got in one book, or for the old school Sesame Street Encyclopedia, oooor for the Beatrix Potter classic)...

I got the basket for 50cents too.  

One of the things I was most thrilled with, was stuffing 8 silk scarves in my $1 bag of clothing (along with 6 other clothing items!).  I love silk scarves for me, and for all kinds of play.

I'm not alone. 

Of all of the clothing items, I'm most chuffed with what shall henceforth be known as my Reese's jacket;

Technically, this jacket cost me about 7 cents.   It's now freshly laundered in lavender wash and aaaaall mine. 

Total spent: $3.00

*'The' place is a clothing barn in Kaikorai Valley.  I have to go back too - there are piles of "free" clothing I would have dug through if I'd had time and a car to load the take in - rags!!! I found this place on what was meant to be a leisurely walk, but it turned out to be one of the most demanding work-outs of my life; pushing 28kg of kidmeat and stroller in a fierce headwind for 30 minutes is surprisingly hard work.  Has anyone else ever been caught out by the same?  Jeepers.
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